I Love Cats Too!

I love dogs; they are an energetic bunch always on the go especially if we, the owners, are ready to rock n roll.  They are all excited, wriggling here and there, jumping up and down. I miss my dog so much and in case you missed the blog for that day; she passed away in November.  Although not as energetic as dogs, I love cats too!

She went outside to go potty and just fell over on the patio. The vet had just given her a new medicine to take.  I was told guaranteed that nothing bad would happen that this was the best medicine in the world for allergies. I had to force feed her the pill which she didn’t really want to take, of course. I still feel like a murderer.  Looking at her scared and shivering as we wrapped her in a blanket to take her to the vet.  We never made it to the vet while she was still breathing.

We got less than a mile from home and she was gone.

Molly is playing Army dog

She scoots on her belly; playing Army RIP 11/06/2013


Spaz and Picallo; our cats

I Love Cats Too! Old Man Picallo and our Terror Spaz

Even though cats aren’t known for being a best friend to their owners, I often wonder if we, as owners, aren’t more dependent on our cats than we are on our dogs!  I love dogs; but I love cats too!

Our cats have entirely different outlooks on life than we do. They could really care less if we are their best friend.  Cats are sneaky too; they know when they are doing something wrong but they don’t give a hoot if they get caught either because they just look at you and keep doing whatever it was they were doing despite the fact that you’re getting upset at the situation .

For instance, my cat Picallo (Pic for short). He still remembers that I scolded him for digging in the houseplants two days ago! Even though I scolded him for digging, I sat right there and watched him as he watched me while he quietly snuck over to the same damn plant and started digging in it again.  That old man watched me as he silently started to dig a little hole.  Like I wasn’t going to do anything about it?  Or his inferior attitude said “whatcha going to do about it now”?

Of course, he took off when I jumped to my feet. I would never hurt my kitties, ever. But I did walk to the door and simply asked him if he wanted to go outside?  I knew what he wanted; all he had to do was ask me to open the door for him. Somehow, that part never sinks in for some reason.

As soon as I had opened the door, he was on the run and out. When he wants in, he sits at the front door and meows; why he doesn’t do it when he wants out? The dots have just never connected for some reason.

Picallo is about 17 years old now and has about three reasons for getting up in the morning. Using the cat box or going outside if it’s not raining, eating, bathing, and going back to sleep. Spaz is still very much a kitten; he loves to play for long periods of time, eat, then sleeps for as much time as he spent playing;  then sleeps just as hard too.

There have been times when I tried to wake Spaz, just to bug him because he is so cute. I love cats too; especially when they are sleeping; they look so sweet and innocent. The couple of times when I puposely tried to wake him though; he was sleeping so soundly, when I picked up his tail it was like a wet limp noodle.  He didn’t flich, move a single hair, not even a cat whisper.  He was off chasing butterflies, spiders, and eating the little bugs that he had knocked out of the air while chasing them.

Sweet dreams little Spaz!

Our cat, Spaz the Terror

Spaz, the Terror 2014


picallo my cat

Picallo – 17 years old 2014



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How Well Do You Know Your Dog?

a happy dog

A Happy Dog?

Just how well do you know your dog? Have you ever wished that your dog or cat could talk to you?  Wouldn’t it be cool to know what your best friend is thinking?

They say that if you can read your dog’s actions, you can pretty much figure out what he is thinking too? I don’t know that I agree with that statement because there have been times when my girl totally surprised me.  I expected her to go one way and she had me deceived and very surprised when she took off and went running the other way. That was the last time that I ever had to go running after her before we got into the dog enclosure at the park. Wew! I was pretty hot when I finally caught her; she got a lecture all the way back to the dog enclosure.  She knew she had just done something wrong; let’s put it that way.

By the way?  I never ever get physical with my animals except with love, hugs, and kisses. So if I ever talk about how mad I get?  We are talkin’ lecture only.  Or maybe a time out.

Debra Horwitz, the lead editor of “Decoding Your Dog”; she is also a dog behavioralist, says that “we can understand what our dog is telling us by watching how he behaves”.  She also says that “we cannot tell by just looking at one part of his body; for instance his tail, and be able to understand what is going through his head”.  She says that “just because his tail is wagging, doesn’t always mean that he is a happy dog”.  But that “if we are observing what our dog does with his face, body, and tail in any given situation, the dog will let you know if he’s feeling relaxed, concerned, scared, or aggressive”.

When I look at my dog, I see a pretty crazy little lady. There are times when I simply like to sit and observe her quietly. But if she catches me looking at her? She gets that look; like there is a prolonged moment or two and then she is up and ripping around the house, car, store, pet store, other people’s home, etc. She actually goes bonkers. This has become a pretty serious problem indeed, but I nurtured it in the beginning. Mostly because I felt like she was giving me a private moment or a private part of herself that was for me only.

She thinks when she acts crazy, that it’s an acceptable behavior obviously; I taught her that it was okay.  Wrong. How well do you know your dog?

ready to roll for a walk yet

Ready to roll yet Mom? Another Mom, not me!

I “used to” laugh at her.  She saw and felt that what she was doing was making me happy; making me laugh at her. Actually it does make me happy; but once in a while would be great.

I love to see any dog acting like a puppy (once in a while). She loves to make me happy, but what dog wouldn’t want to make their master happy? But now she takes this to an extreme and her behavior is funny anymore. I recognize that it is something that I basically taught is my fault. I started to play with her, in the beginning. I encouraged her  In fact, she holds us up when we are getting ready to go somewhere and anymore it is like we have to start getting ready to leave an hour before it’s time to go. But what dog doesn’t want to make their master happy?

Now it is a huge problem, especially when it is time for stop so we can leave the house, or wherever it is that we are at the moment. I hate trying to catch her now, it is not fun anymore. I have to learn how to help her delete this behavior.  It’s kind of hard to get mad at a behavior that I have encouraged and expect something different without some major changes on my part.

It’s pretty easy to tell when your dog is a happy one, right? “When a dog is happy, his whole body looks soft,” says Ms. Horwitz. “When a happy dog wags his tail, the tail wags his whole body. He has relaxed ears, a soft pant, eyes are soft. Everything about him says, ‘I’m cool. I’m good.” So, how well do you know your dog?

I also want to give you a heads up about this new online video group that I found for dog behavior modification and dog training.   The program is Doggy Dan Dog Training; all of the dog training is on recorded videos so that you may copy the program or directions while working with your dog(s) looking right over Dan’s shoulder!  Using video is the next best thing next to being in one of his actual classes.

I copied and pasted a little bit right here about what Dan has to say about Dogs and What they are to us!




“Dogs, as you know have descended from wolves. We have domesticated them over thousands of years. But bringing them into our homes has not done anything to the 99.8 percent DNA that is still wolf. There is no point in trying to reason our or even think like a human when we try to understand where everything seems to be going wrong with our dogs. It is crucial, right now, if you really want them to start listening to you of their own free will, that you become the pack leader.”

When your dog is running up and down the fence barking, or throughout the house barking, and they are ignoring your cries to stop, they aren’t being disobedient, they aren’t trying to play a game because it is entertaining to them. It is because your dog is ignoring you for the simple fact that he doesn’t think that he has to listen to you. Only when you have established yourself as the pack leader will your dog want to listen to you! Yes, WANT TO listen to you.

Click here and visit Doggy Dan’s Site; see how easy it is for you to teach your dog

without the hassles of loading everyone up in the rig, going to the pet store

for the class. The dogs are having a horrendous time trying to concentrate

on what they are suppose to be doing? Give them a break and yourself

assurance that your dog will be educated when you finish this video series!

Doggy Dan


http://www.whatagooddoggie.com/who-are-you-yelling-at-im-not-listening/  Here is a link to my other blog about dog behavior and training tips.

Thanks very much for coming to visit today! I hope you enjoyed my spot here and please if you have any comments? I’d love it if you would share them with me!

Take care and have a blessed day! Today is Passover and we also get a full moon tonight!

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When Your Dog Speaks To You, What Does He Say?

tiny baby puppy

brand new pup just born


dr andrew jones with his dog

Dr Jones with his Black Lab

When Your Dog Speaks To You, What Does He Say?

Were you even aware that your dog has a vocabulary of about 11 different vocalizations?  Most of them are only made in the company of their other dog peers or companions.  But there are four basic vocalizations saved for the master and his family, or even other human beings.

Those four pieces of vocabulary that are reserved for us homo sapiens are: howling, growling, barking, and whining.


Cairo the pit bull

Cairo – the Pit Bull with a heart condition

All out BARKING; this could mean two different things for the master!  It is either “I am here, I need your attention” OR “Go Away and Leave me Alone”. I found this kind of strange because I have never had  a dog tell me to “go away” before.  I am trying to think of an instance where my dog might tell me to “go away” because she is such a needy dog most of the time.

Perhaps that is why she is barking so loudly when someone comes to our front door? She is ready to lunge at anyone who enters through our front door.  When I am expecting someone to come by the house, I simply ask them to call me before they get to my front door. It is at that time I move my dog to my bedroom and shut the door. She gets really annoying and somewhat aggressive at a knock or a doorbell.  It is possibly that she is yelling “go away” to whoever it is that wants to come in.

As far as wanting my attention, I do not recall her barking for it.  Actually, if she was barking to get my attention?  Hmm, this would get her the opposite of what she is asking me for!   She is much better at getting my attention if she simply comes and sits down in front of me.  Not lying down, but sitting down and she occasionally will give me a quick look, then she averts her eyes in another direction.  She knows when she has connected with me; she sees that I am looking at her and this causes her to get up and come very close with her tail wagging, and her tongue is out for kissing me.

Barking that has a high pitch to it; telling human parents that he wants something.  This kind of barking is barely a bark, but has a very quick type of squeal to it at the same time. This is more of a happy type of bark; a very quick bark that seems to say in a polite way “oh, I am glad you are home now” or “please please, can I have a bite?”.

A dog that barks but with a low pitch added to it?  This is a bark that seems to say that “I am defending MY territory here”.  When he spots a forei]gner on his property (a bird or a squirrel) is a good example of when you will hear this kind of bark.  Perhaps the dog has heard something but didn’t quite see what was causing the noise; this is when you will hear that low pitched bark coming up from behind those dog teeth.

Have you ever heard a dog that tends to be excited, or worried?  There is some definite whining going on in this vocalization.  Whining is a call for attention.  Maybe some pacing back and forth, or even running the length of the backyard fence when he sees that you are headed his way.  The dog will also use this tone when he wants to play with another dog or dogs.

Whining is meant to get the dog parent’s attention though. Whining is the closest thing to people speaking that your dog will ever accomplish; even much more so than doggy talk.  It is also something that a shy or nervous dog might do.  It could be that your dog has spotted an aggressive or a much bigger dog headed in his direction; he has become a nervous pup now and begins to whine; asking for your “help, please”.  Perhaps your dog is in pain. Upon examination, if in pain, you will touch the spot that is painful for him; contact your vet immediately.

Anyone who knows their dog well, should be quite adjusted to some of their dog’s vocabulary.  This is part of what a “dog whisperer” is reading when they observe your dog. These aren’t secrets; these dog whisperers just chooses not to share them with you because this is how they make their money.

Growling? A dog who growls is a dog to be taken seriously. A dog should never growl at their parent, pack leader, or master.  This includes all people in the same home as the dog. If this happens, and is continuous, you will want to talk to your vet.  Hopefully your vet will do the right thing and give you the name of a good dog behavior specialist.

Howling? This is actually like a long distance phone call from one howler to the next. Have you ever seen the movie 101 Dalmatians? The dogs in this movie were sending “howls” out to the dogs on down the road that trouble was coming.  It is also a call out too when a dog is particularly lonely, especially if their pack leader is gone for a period of time.  Their pack leader won’t know that their dog is making all of this racket because they are absent.  But when their neighbors come to report this all day long noise, and investigate the reason behind it; they should feel flattered that their dog is smart enough to know that he has to howl extra loud and extra long, trying to find his pack leader who has been gone all day and is probably very far away from he house.  The fact that your dog is smart enough to figure this out, should make his dog parents very proud and very happy.

Yawning! This is not a yawn like you or I have when we are tired, bored, or our brains simply are not getting enough oxygen.  A dog yawn is something entirely different.  It is a signal of distress.  Yawning for a dog helps them to calm down.  Simply watching another dog yawn will help to calm your dog if he is distressed. If your dog is worried or anxious, a big yawn is just the medicine that they need. They aren’t tired or bored if they give you a huge yawn when you are talking to them; but don’t stress about it.  They still love you and you are still their best friend; you’re just stressing them out for some reason.

A mother dog will yawn to get her puppies to quiet down and go to sleep. When they are all excited, searching for something to eat and being extremely noisy, it becomes a stressful situation and all she has to do is sit up and yawn; those puppies will quiet right down and head off to dream world. Yawning also will lower their blood pressure temporarily.

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ready to roll for a walk yet

Ready to roll yet Mom? Another Mom, not me!

senior dog

A healthy senior

veterinary secrets home study course

Veterinary Secrets Revealed

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honeybee pollinating flower

honeybee pollinating flower

honey and honey bees honeybee swarmEVERYONE THAT READS THIS POST:

We are being called upon by Greg at EarthJustice to help with donations to fight DOW AgroSciences to keep the HONEY BEES alive.  Our HONEY BEES; they’re being destroyed by Dow’s Toxins!

Please read a portion of his letter to me below:

“Dear Rene:

Bees are dying in record numbers across the U.S.

This last winter alone, one-third of our honeybee colonies died or disappeared. This massive die-off of these vital pollinators threatens to unravel agricultural production across the country.

Yet the Environmental Protection Agency recently sided with Dow AgroSciences to approve a new pesticide, called sulfoxaflor, that is highly toxic to bees.

Earthjustice’s California office is waging an emergency battle to ensure that sulfoxaflor does not become the final straw for bees, but we need your urgent support today to see this fight through.

A world without bees would be disastrous. Nearly one-third of our crops—including many vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds—depend on bees for pollination. But bees in our country are dying at unprecedented rates, and scientists are pointing to pesticides like sulfoxaflor as a cause. ”

Earthjustice is doing everything we can to fight back, using the law and the power of the courts. In fact, for decades we’ve fought in court against hazardous pesticides—and won. And now it’s vital that we do so once again.

With your support, we will use the law and the power of the courts to protect bees for the long haul and appeal the EPA’s approval of the pesticide sulfoxaflor, shown to be highly toxic to honeybees and other insect pollinators.

Help us see this emergency battle through with a special tax-deductible gift today.

A world without bees is unimaginable. And with your help, we won’t let it happen.

Thank you for all that you do,”

Greg Loarie picture

Greg Loarie
Earthjustice, California Office

©2014 Earthjustice | 50 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94111 | 415-217-2000 |info@earthjustice.org

“P.S. Our country is facing widespread bee colony collapse and scientists are pointing to pesticides like sulfoxaflor as the cause. Earthjustice is fighting back in court to protect bees and other wildlife, but we need your help to see this emergency battle through.

donate button

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Quit Feeding Your Pets Garbage; Pet Food Recalls

This article was copied and pasted here directly from The Animal Rescue Site!

Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

QUIT FEEDING YOUR PETS GARBAGE!  Pet food recalls? Really? What is wrong with this picture?

dog eating pasta

Dog Eats Pasta? NO NO

Pet food has long been a source of worry for pet owners and health officials. Reports of salmonella contamination are frequent, and threaten not only animals eating the food but also the owners handling it. Nutritional deficiencies and toxins have been found in pet foods as well — including melamine, which caused a tragic loss of life in 2007.

The FDA’s new proposal includes safety requirements similar to those in place for manufacturers of human food, ensuring that manufacturers are proactive in their efforts to keep pet food safe. The current system is reactive; the government does not respond to pet food safety issues until after they are reported. In 2007 it took nearly a month of reports from consumers before the melamine was discovered and a recall was announced, and thousands of dogs and cats are believed to have died.

This long-awaited move by the FDA is likely to be opposed, and possibly diluted, by large pet food manufacturers and importers. The FDA announced the proposal on October 25, 2013, and will accept public comments for a period of 120 days. Make your voice heard now: It’s past time for the FDA to help ensure that the food we feed our pets is safe!

Quit feeding your pets garbage; see the pet food recalls!

Please go to The Animal Rescue Site Greater Good everyday and sign petitions found there for any and all animal rites issues!  Do it today.

ultimate canine and cat supplement

Ultimate Canine & Feline Supplement


In order to obtain this Ultimate Canine or Feline Supplement

formulated and perfected by Dr. Andrew Jones; 50% off the first month’s order

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Is Arthritis a Problem For Your Pet? Essential Reading Here.

Is Arthritis a problem for your pet?  I know how badly your dog or cat must be feeling if they have arthritis; I have it too and the most common thing that helps me is a big shot of cortisone or some other anti-inflammatory.  I swear by those shots.  There is nothing better than not to have to feel that pain; it is one of the worst. Unfortunately, I can only have one or two shots per year and it would be so much better to do them every month.  The doctor won’t do it.  Neither should your vet.

The very definition of Arthritis is “inflammation of the joints”, with the primary sign being lameness. You can see lameness in your pet as a difficulty to get up after laying down, or a reluctance to put the full weight on a single leg. Some pets get arthritis in their back. This looks like a pet that has a hunched over abdomen, and a reluctance for having to move. In some pets, you can move the arthritic joint, you might hear a noise called crepitus. It is the new arthritic bone grinding against another bone. Imagine how painful that would be for yourself?


Treatment with Herbs:  A variety of herbs can be used at different times with arthritis. The most effective is “Devil’s Claw”.  It is used traditionally in African medicine. It has scientific studies to prove that it is very effective; it is also SAFE.

Acupressure on the feet.  GB 41, this is a location on the bottom of the foot. It is actually the depression of the two outside toes, and it is especially great for arthritic pain in the hips.  Amazing what working with the bottom of one’s foot can do for every area in the body.

Methylsulfonymethane , or MSM; it is a supplement found in a plant called Horsetail. It reduces inflammation in joints; acting as an antioxidant.

IN THE CARTILAGE of other animals is a substance known as GLUCOSAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE. It is the most important supplement to add to your pet’s diet. They should get a dose of 1/4 of a 500mg tablet; once daily per 10 lbs of body weight. And so then if your cat or dog weighs 20 lbs, you would dose them with 1/2 or two 1/4 of a 5oomg tab. If they weigh 30 lbs, then 3/4 of a 500mg tab or three 1/4 pieces of a 500mg tab.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride is essential in the rebuilding of their own cartilage and helps to delay further cartilage breakdown in their own systems.  I think I mentioned “cartilage” as being essential part of what your pets eat in a given day.  They are used to eating animal cartilage when catching their own food to eat such as mice or rodents, and other animals in the wild part of the genus families. The lion, tiger, wolf, etc.

I know from experience that there are times when nothing will help me and the only thing that I can do is rest.  It is times like this that I find relief in a warm bath with epsom salts. I have given my dog warm baths of the same sorts although she wasn’t really into just lying in the tub and relaxing. If your dog likes bathing, and some do, then it is quite possible you can do this as a last result.  I sincerely believe that one of the above home remedies will help, if nothing else does.  If there is nothing that you can do to find relief for your pets, then it is up to you to make a decision about treatment.  At least, in your case, it will be an informed decision.

I hope that all of this helps in some way.  I appreciate any feedback or comments that you may have to contribute to these posts.

Remember, heal your pet at home and in doing so, get good, effective information from Dr. Jones library of information at Veterinary Secrets Revealed.  Remember to make sure that you are adding the Dog or Cat Supplements to your pets diets.  Get Dr. Jones online home education courses for pets.  Learn from his First Aid and CPR for Pets as well as how to make a great homemade food for your dog full of everything they need.  The garbage that we buy in bags and cans at the store are mostly grains, additives, scrap meats, vegetables; nothing available in them for our pets real health.  If you are going to purchase your pet food at the PET STORE, get a food that has no grains, no cereals, little vegetables, and no added colors or dyes.  Just take a look around inside Dr. Jones educational materials here. He has done an excellent job in handing many volumes of free material to you for you to take that power and educate yourself.

He says: “I sincerely hope that you are learning a lot from my course – I know that there is nothing else out there like this.  Many of my friends say that I am crazy to give all this information away for free. Maybe I am, but I am helping thousands of pets by doing it.

You should check out my Complete Home Study Multimedia Course. I guarantee that you will treat your pet’s illnesses and ailments confidently and competently (and you’ll even be able to save money by treating your pet at home!).”  Dr. Andrew Jones

To order ‘Veterinary Secrets Revealed Home Study Course’, go to:  Veterinary Secrets Revealed

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If You Are Using Allergy Meds For Your Pets; STOP!


What do you know about medications or home remedies that you would use to treat allergy and arthritis symptoms? No, I’m not speaking about the more serious medications that a vet can give you such as steroids either; those should be avoided at all costs!

Avoid serious medication side effects by using natural remedies!

The BIG MYTH:  “Antibiotics and Anti-inflammatories or Steroids have very few side effects, your pet will be fine”.  This is often very very WRONG. If you are using Allergy meds for your pets, STOP, even if they are prescribed by your vet, stop it now.

My baby girl for instance had chronic allergy issues.  I even went so far as to get her allergy tested which was $1,000 bucks and then have the allergy shots built specifically for her needs (I won’t tell you what I spent on that). The shots had very little, if no effect on her poor little body. The vet insisted on Steroid pills, before that it was injections once a month. Those, I had to stop immediately. The challenge? For us it was finding something that would work.

Changing her food was the first serious step.  She went from the bagged dry garbage purchased from the grocery or pet store to a very high cost, no grains, no fillers, high protein diet. It did help her quite a bit, I must say, but did not alleviate her allergies totally.

I changed her bedding several times too; always upgraded her bedding to brand new dog beds to see if this would help her.  This seemed to have little if no affect.  In fact, she always wanted her old dog beds back; she did not care for the newer bedding.  But this has everything to do about being a dog and had nothing to do with her wanting to solve her allergy problem.

The only thing that we could physically do for her at home besides the steps above was to make sure we bathed her frequently (at least twice a week) with a dermatitis OR oatmeal shampoo and use proper flea treatments once a month. The holistic vet says that oatmeal shampoo is the best at relieving any itchy skin possible.  You have to let the shampoo sit on their skin for at least ten minutes.

When we went for a walk, upon returning home, her paws had to be wiped down with hypo-allergenic baby wipes.  In between her toes and halfway up her legs.  I had to clean any area that might have come into contact with the grass; this included her bottom and tummy areas as well.  She could have an allergy to the grass.  What?

There were several other things we found over time that seemed to help in between bathing her.

I brewed mint tea as strong as I could get it and used the cooled tea to wipe down her coat and skin and I soaked her paws in it; she had a habit of chewing on her feet.  If you can get your hands on fresh mint which seems to grow wild just about anyplace that you plant it. This is much better than mint tea because the mint hasn’t been dried and the oils from the mint are what you want anyway.  The mint oil in the tea had a great calming effect on her irritated and allergy ravaged skin.

My dog chewed her feet so much that they would balloon up from her constant chewing and then we would end up with another infection. Infections always made us use another round of antibiotics which constantly played havoc with her tummy and gave her another yeast infection.  I tried to rub her feet with clove oil so she would not chew on them because of the taste, but somehow she always got passed that and found a way to chew.

Do not use anti-inflammatories if it can be avoided at any cost.  Dogs can develop ulcers and liver disease from the use of them.

“Safe” steroid use has caused diabetes, vomiting, and diarrhea.  While used to stop the itching from allergies, the negatives against steroids are much more serious.  If you hear steroids being used in the vets vocabulary, RUN.

Too many cats have developed kidney failure from supposed “safe” pain relievers.

Numerous vaccine reactions, including vaccine-induced cancers have been documented and reported in dogs and cats.  These are the vaccines that our pets are “required” to have in order to get a rabies license, or in order to be kept overnight at the kennels or boarding place when their owners have to leave them.  It is best to try and avoid these “required” vaccines.  Learn to do your own bathing and grooming. Find a friend to stay at your house when you have to be away.  Your pet will be much happier to be at home anyway.  Avoid dog parks if possible, have play dates with friends and their dogs in a deserted field or one of your own back yards.  Do what’s best for your animal; those vaccines are very dangerous.

Allergies are one of the most common reasons that pets go to see the vet. There are a huge number of allergens; but all of them are contained in 3 main classes.  These are Food, Fleas and Environment.

The most common signs of allergies look like excessive scratching, paw and anal licking, hair shedding, and excessive dandruff.

If you think that your pet may be suffering from any allergy, there are two things that are recommended for you to try immediately.

1. Eliminate external parasites (fleas or ticks), and;

2. Start a hypo-allergenic diet for 4-6 weeks.  There are many out there but even though they say they are hypo-allergenic, read the ingredients on the bag or can first. The first common culprit that has to be eliminated are all grains.  Grains are wheat, rice, oats, corn, barley, or any other plant grown nutrient that we as humans eat.  Eliminate seeds and nuts as well.  In any case, the vet can give you a written prescription for the food.  You are sure to get a sure fire hypo-allergenic food this way.  It is expensive at about $70 bucks for a small bag of dry food and $3.50 for a can of wet food; they both smell and look like tree bark or tree bark paste.  No color added?  Looks grey and smells unappetizing and is expensive as heck.  You can get a recipe and make it at home; wet food is certainly preferred according to Dr. Andrew Jones.

Some very helpful at home remedies that I used are:

BATHE: Oatmeal shampoo with cool water will ease the itchiest skin. Leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes then rinse well with cool water.  With the most severe of allergies, you should bathe the pet at least twice a week.  In between bathing, use the mint tea water to soothe aggravated skin.  Load a spritzer bottle full of the tea so you have it on hand at all times. Another great topical soother is Calendula ointment; it is an herbal medication that has been successfully used to relieve severe itching.  Apply a thin coat twice daily to affected areas.

I have recommended this next supplement for ever and ever in my blog postings and if you still haven’t purchased this SUPPLEMENT, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Maybe you don’t care about what is going on for your pet’s health, and who knows, maybe you’ll listen now.  Fatty Acid supplements are essential and very helpful in decreasing the levels of inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids are most important.  The supplement created by Dr. Jones is loaded with them.   A great, but very inexpensive source is ground Flax Seeds; give 1 tsp per cup of food for your dog only.

Not for your Cat!  Since Cats are not able to metabolize Flax, you can give them a liquid supplement or the supplement that Dr. Jones created.  His Cat Supplement is loaded with everything that your cat needs.  Other sources of liquid supplements would include fish oil, primrose oil and, of course, these very specific veterinary supplements.

Dr. Andrew Jones, whom I have told you about over and over, takes his care of animals very seriously.  Go here and order all of his free digital information and get in touch with your pets health now.  He has formulated supplement preparations for both cats and dogs. He normally sells the first month that you order at 50% of the normal cost.  He wants your dog and cat to be as healthy as possible.  His supplements are chock full of every piece of nutrition missing from the daily diets of our pets.  These supplements are essential for heart, lung, kidney, bladder, and many other organs health and longevity.  It is much cheaper and better for your pet in the long run to be healthy, so that in their senior years you and they are as happy together as you can be.  No one wants to put their loving pet down early in life. My dog died at eight years of age because I came into her life far too late after all the damage had been done.

Go here, right now, to download everything that you can for free written by Dr. Andrew Jones.  He has an ebook listed for free Veterinary Secrets Revealed.  There are numerous writings that can be downloaded for free.  Educate yourself; empower yourself to make the best decisions about your pets health today.  You would do this for your children. Your pets are just as important.

For pitty sake, get your pet started with Dr. Jones dog or cat supplements. They are not expensive compared to what you are going to spend later for medical and veterinary bills. You will find all of the supplements and every other knowledgeable piece of information that you need right here Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Supplements, Pet First Aid and CPR, Dog Food Recalls, Pet Diseases and Illnesses; there are pages and pages full of information that you should be reading today.  Don’t wait another minute!  Get them now.


Dr. Andrew Jones, Rene’ and RIP Molly

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Are You Killing Your Best Friend?

If you are not at least supplementing your pet’s food with a vitamin supplement that is chock full of the essential things they would get if they were eating the diet they were born to eat; then undoubtedly, and slowly, you are killing your best friend.

Dogs and cats were designed to eat protein. That is to say, they should be eating the stuff inside of animal bones called bone marrow.  Some, but not most dogs, can digest animal bone; these, however, are not a good idea to feed to your pet.  The strong fibrous material that holds bones together is called cartilage; it is part of the diet they are would be used to eating if they were still wild animals. Actual muscle meat from the animal is another huge part of protein that wild animals eat. At one time cats and dogs were mostly wild animals. They still need this type of a diet to live a long and healthy, energy filled life.

Check out the food you purchase for them; look at the ingredients! Grains? Meat by-products? Do you know what meat by-products are?  Do you understand when they say “chicken parts” that they could be talking about ground up chicken heads, feet, innards?  What about beef or hogs?  What is left over on a cow or hog after the butcher is done with it?  Do you know?  It gets really disgusting, let me tell you.  I finally began making my own dog food.

Your dog doesn’t go out to the garden and pull up carrots, or pick the berries off of the vines down the street.  He most certainly doesn’t eat oatmeal for breakfast either. Whose idea was it to feed them all of these kinds of filler foods? It wasn’t a good idea, that is for sure.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that almost all pet food has food coloring or dye in it; because the color of a pot of mashed up everything is mostly just an ugly grey color. Now that doesn’t look very healthy does it?

Just look at the families that your pets descended from.  A cat; look at what Lions and Tigers eat.  A dog; look at what Wolves eat. Why has it taken us so long to come to the realization that what we are feeding our pets is killing them; are you killing your best friend with the diet that you are feeding them?  If you insist of having vet bills later in your dog’s life, then just keep on feeding them that bagged garbage or foul smelling canned food.

Read my next post about the proteins that your pet should be eating!  If you insist on feeding them this bagged stuff, at least put something healthy into their food.  A nutritious supplement sprinkled over the top of their food might give them a fighting chance.  Dr. Andrew Jones has developed such a supplement.  Read what the ingredients are in this supplement; order a jar of it and get your pet started on the right track before it is too late to turn their health around.

Dr. Andrew Jones hosts a weekly/monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to for free. He holds webinars where you can ask your questions for free.  He has many products that can be downloaded for free as well.  His supplements for cats and dogs can be found here as well.  It is time to change how you are caring for your pets. They should be treated just as you or your children are being treated; they deserve a long life full of energy. Not illness, cancers, diabetes, heart disease; don’t these look like many human diseases or illnesses? It is time to take their health just as seriously as you take your health or your family’s health. Quit feeding them garbage out of the bags from the store! That is not dog or cat food! It’s the crap nobody should be eating! Our FDA and our government knows it; they say it is the cheapest way but the best way to take care of the precious things God has given to us to care for.  Think about it!  Are you killing your best friends?  Click here for everything that you need to help you make a homemade diet, or purchase a food supplement, or even give first aid and CPR for your pets!  They are precious and deserve the best that you can give them.

Remember to “treat and heal your pets at home”!

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Serious and Deadly Medication Side Effects


Have you ever had problems with medication side effects? How about medications you are using to treat allergies or arthritis in your dog or other pet?  Would you even know there was a side effect happening for your dog or pet from medications?

This is about avoiding SERIOUS medication side effects by using something that is natural to treat your pet’s allergies or their arthritis.  Why would you use anything other than a natural treatment in any case, especially if it was available, and most likely much cheaper?

It would seem to me that using anything other than a natural treatment would insure that you are apt to not avoid serious side effects from medications; especially allergy reactions.  Pets and even people have been known to die from such allergic reactions or complications from allergy reactions.

There is a huge and well known “MYTH” out there.  That myth, which is, “this medication (be it antibiotic, or an anti-inflammatory) has few side effects, and your pet will be fine.”

Many dogs have developed ulcers and liver disease from taking anti-inflammatories.  “Safe steroid” use to stop the itching from allergies has caused diabetes, vomiting, and diarrhea in dogs.

Many cats have developed kidney failure from using “safe pain relievers”.

There have been numerous reactions to “vaccines” reported.  Developing a “vaccine induced cancer” is a huge reaction that I certainly would not want my dog to suffer from.

If you even think that maybe your pet has allergies? There are two things that you should do immediately.  First, eliminate any chance that they are suffering from an external parasite, such as fleas.  Secondly, you need to feed them a hypo-allergenic food or diet for four to six weeks and there are many many hypo-allergenic foods out there.

Dr. Jones has recommended some very helpful home remedies; some you may have already heard of.

Using an oatmeal shampoo and cool water helps to relieve very itchy skin.  Leaving this shampoo on the skin for at least ten minutes and then rinsing well with cool water helps in the most severe cases.  And of course, when you do have a severe case of itchy skin, bathe twice weekly in the same fashion.

Mint tea water for rinsing the skin will also be very helpful.  Better yet to use fresh sprigs of mint boiled in water; letting the water cool to room temperature and soaking your dog’s skin with this minty rinse.  The oils from the mint will help immensely.

Soothing the dog’s skin topically with Calendula ointment will relieve itchy skin.  Calendula ointment is a herbal preparation made specifically for allergies of the skin.


Omega 3 fatty acids are the most important of all  the fatty acid  supplements.  These fatty acids are responsible in decreasing levels of inflammation.  The best source and an inexpensive fatty acid comes from the Flax Seeds.  The seeds must be ground up and giving one teaspoon for each cup of dog food is best.  Since cats cannot metabolize flax seeds, the liquid version of this wonder supplement is best.

There are other sources for fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acids that is. These would include fish, fish oil, primrose oil, and a specific veterinary supplement.  These very specific veterinary supplements have been especially formulated below.  Dr. Jones has developed one especially for cats and dogs.  Click each link to be taken to the order page.

ultimate canine and cat supplement

Ultimate Canine & Feline Supplement

Dr. Jones Ultimate Canine Health Formulas OR

Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Feline Formula

 If you have specific questions, or problems, or would even like to get in touch with Dr. Andrew Jones, please click here and download Veterinary Secrets Revealed for free.

Good luck to you and your pet.  I wish your dog or pet a long life and I wish for you a long and happy life with your pet.

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Young Farmer Boy Becomes A Pet Hero


Dr. Andrew Jones’ Story

Dr. Andrew Jones grew up on a large farm with lots of animals – cows, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, turkeys, many cats and many dogs. They didn’t have any money to afford the vet – so when their animals were sick, they treated them with home remedies on their farm.

Andrew always loved animals. In fact, it was his heart that sent him to veterinary school. After vet school, Dr. Jones went to work in a small but very busy animal practice. He loved being able to fix a broken leg, or treat a diabetic cat.
Back in the day, not everybody could afford to take their pet in to see a vet.  Nor was it a possibility that a farmer was able to call the vet to come out to the farm when there was a problem.  Owning a pet can become expensive, and many kinds of “normal” treatments that vets can give, are simply not affordable to pet owners.

It has become impossible for many people to run to the vet with their pet because vets want to be paid before you even leave their office, even in this day and age.  And even if you can afford some sort of pet health or medical insurance, the costs of going to a vet have become prohibitive.

Dr. Jones started implementing many home remedies that he had seen being used as a child on the family farm while he was growing up.  Soon, he realized that many of these remedies were actually really working in his own clinic and he was excited about the benefits this could offer to many of his clients.

He then began to read about other alternative home remedies that he found in other areas of study within the health and wellness fields.  Alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines were on the horizon as well.  While furthering his own education, he read what other countries throughout the world of holistic medicine were doing and found that the alternative options were huge.

Starting out slowly, he wanted pet parents to be able to use some of these home treatments at their own home with their pets to see how they would work and if these pet parents could follow directions easily enough to make these alternatives work.  He was really excited as he began receiving reports back from really pleased pet parents.  Their pets were responding to home treatments; healing up inside or out, depending upon which home remedy he had given them to try.

The fact that these remedies were being used in the pet’s homes, with no reported side effects, and believe it or not, at a much lower cost to pet owners, was a win win situation for everyone.  Even the pet owners felt better mentally at being able to take an active role in helping to heal their own pet; even more so when their pets were actually getting better or healing all together.

Taking proactive steps to help animals and pets alike, prompted Dr. Jones to step away from the “formal clinic setting”; he felt there were so many ugly and disparate things wrong with “normal veterinary medicine”.  Those steps caused Dr. Jones to begin critical and necessary thinking about stepping into actively participating in the community of Alternative and Holistic Veterinary Medicine as he wrote “Veterinary Secrets Revealed”.

He has sold thousands of copies of Veterinary Secrets Revealed, which have helped many pet owners in the process of healing their pets at home.  Today however, he has decided to give every one a copy of Veterinary Secrets Revealed, as a downloadable ebook for FREE.

Click here right now and get your copy of his downloadable ebook “Veterinary Secrets Revealed” for FREE and start healing your pets at home today!


dr andrew jones with his black lab

Dr. Andrew Jones with his Black Lab

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